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Website Design & Redesign

Create websites that are not only appealing, but also responsive- a mobile browser's best friend. A well designed site will convert visitors into leads and help you sell more products or services. It needs to have a clear purpose, call to action and great user experience.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO means optimising your website and content to get search engines to understand your services/ products and show them to the right customer. Our aim is to get your website to rank on the first page of Google so you are easily found by potential customers

Copywriting and Branding

A website's success is determined by its look and feel, and your web copy and branding are a big part of that. We work with you to get it just right, while optimising the content(the web copy) to help with SEO. We ensure that your web copy and branding have a clear purpose and direction.

Website Maintenance & Security

The best way to ensure you're never hacked is by keeping your website updated and secure. Hackers are always looking for new targets, so it's important that we keep our sites safe from them! Backing up your website and keeping everything upto date is a big part of our work.

A Sydney-based local digital agency, specialising in website design & SEO, we understand the importance of building an online successful brand right from the start. We bring with us local knowledge and exposure to SMEs, and know the importance of building an affordable, responsive and user friendly website for your business.


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Our Services

Website Designing

Your website is the first impression, potential customers have of your business. It needs to be designed in such a way that it speaks to your potential customer and makes them want to take action, whether you're looking for new clients or just want people to reach out about what services are offered at this establishment.

We can help by offering quality work tailored specifically towards each client's budget – every design should have its own distinctiveness while still projecting an overall look & feel which will appeal across all demographics.

In simple words, we create custom-designed websites that are simple to navigate, search engine friendly, responsive, and within budget.

Website Redesign

A redesign not only gives your websites a fresh look and can bring in new branding, but it's also built to be mobile friendly with an easy-to follow purpose. Search engines reward well designed sites that have good content; this means you should make sure there are clear callouts for what each link does so visitors know exactly how they're supposed use them!

A website redesign is the perfect opportunity to update your site so that it can better present who you are and what makes using a product or service unique.

A responsive design, mobile friendly features and clear purpose will be key factors in attracting more visitors from all over world!


As part of our services, we also provide the option for branding or rebranding to our clients. A brand, logo or rebranding not only tells people what company it comes from but also establishes a tone for the communication and direction in which that particular company wnats its image to be when they on-board customers/ clients.


Your website is your virtual storefront. It's a representation of you and what company do best - so make sure that anyone who lands on the page has an understanding about their business by using proper copywriting techniques with our team! We also ensure your content is SEO optimisated, which means people can find out more information right away while searching in search engines.

Local SEO

Local SEO means optimising your website and content to get search engines like Google, Bing or even Yelp understand what services/products you offer within your local area.

Our aim is simple: we want customers finding you through their searches.

For this reason our focus has been creating an SEO-friendly website with all necessary information in one place - so when someone searches for a "car cleaning company near me" they'll be able find out more from here immediately as opposed getting lost among endless links that may not lead anywhere useful at all

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and helps to get your website ranked on the first page of Google so you are easily found by potential customers. At SME Digital, our aim is to get you on the first page for your particular services.

SEO means optimizing an online presence through strategies including keyword research, on page SEO, off Page SEO including backlinking and content creation which includes writing articles tailored towards important keywords & phrases used within popular searches. All of this helps search engines to recognise what your business does and what services/products you provide.

Website Hosting

We offer a range of hosting options for businesses with the goal being your website is always available and secure. With us, you can host on our servers in Adelaide or Sydney—or have one of our partners host it if they're closer to where users are located. We use local servers to host your website ensuring fast speed, secure website (HTTPS://) building trust, and managed support.

A small business owner doesn't need advanced tech skills as we'll take care about everything from hosting, security through to maintenance so that all your time goes into what matters most: running your company!

Website Maintenance & Security

If your website doesn't have the latest security features or content management system, it may be vulnerable to hackers.

This is why maintaining a clean version of your site and keeping up with updates are so important for business owners who rely on their online presence as part of running their company efficiently - without these things happening there can be consequences such as mails going out spamming customers which lowers trust ratings in general!

We consider website maintenance and security as one of the most important parts of our work.


We know that when we are working with a company, it’s sometimes interesting to read about their processes, what they think and how they do what they do. We’ve written a few blogs here to get you started by understanding what goes on behind the scenes and why and how we do what we do.