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SME Digital is an Australian Web Design agency that has won multiple awards. They realize how important it is for small companies to have a website and local SEO. It’s a good idea to get the help of an Australian web design company since they can lead you in the right direction within the local market and assist you in creating your brand identity online.

Today, customers shop and search for services significantly more frequently on the internet than in person, emphasizing the importance of having a well-designed site. A website allows you to display your items and services while also creating an opportunity for the end consumer to buy. Many individuals overlook the need for a well-designed website, but what they may not realize is that relevant content with the appropriate SEO techniques is an excellent method to drive targeted visitors to their business.

The statistics speak for themselves: according to GoDaddy, 59 percent of small firms do not have a website, and 2/3rds of Australians will not shop from a small firm unless they can find it online. This tells us why its important for local businesses to have a website.

Why does every small business need a website? 

In today’s world, a website is very important for any business. There are many reasons for this.

Customers expect to find you online

A website allows you to showcase your company and make it easier for customers and prospects to find you at any time. This is probably the most important reason for having a website.

Even if you get your business listed on Google, and other search engines – which is something that we do as part of our SEO packages – you still run the risk of not being found if you don’t have a website. Simply because your competitors can easily outrank you because they have websites and hence a larger online presence.

A website builds trust

Customers want to do business with people they can trust; having a website will help build the trust of your future clients.

When you hear about a product or a service, the first thing you do is check it out and where do you go for that? – the company’s website. If your website is well made, easy to navigate with relevant content it builds trust with the customer.

Aside from that, having your company appear on Google, as well as clients offering their feedback, adds to your credibility. A decent website is similar to a great brick-and-mortar shop in that it must be updated on a regular basis and have a user-friendly design and interface so that the customer may easily find what they are searching for.

It gives you control over your brand message & positioning

A website is a way to express your brand. It can be easy to shape the message you want people to see. A website allows you to have standardized brand content, brand logo, brand message, and vocabulary that can be consistent across all online channels. This gives a great brand recall and people start associating your brand with certain layouts, colors, designs, styles of writing, etc

It is a way to make more money.

Even before CoVid-19, people had started shopping online. With short delivery timelines, easy returns, and exchange options, people had gained a preference for this form of buying. Now with lockdown being imposed from time to time and the need to be socially distant, online buying has become a way of life. When people search for products online and they see your business as one they can purchase from, you get more relevant buyers to your website. Since these people visit the website with an intent to buy, the chances of a sale are higher.

Websites are an extremely affordable marketing strategy

Compared to traditional forms of marketing such as print media or broadcast advertising, having a website is much more economical. When you have an easy-to-navigate and relevant website that ranks well in search engines such as Google, you generate the relevant leads. Only those people looking for your business or service land up on your website – this reduces time and brings down the cost. This is a form of advertising that stays open 24 hours a day, so even when you are not actively promoting yourself, your website is doing it for you.

Expanding your customer base using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If you have just a physical store or solely rely on word of mouth to promote your business, you limit yourself to a very small population. With an online presence with the right local SEO techniques are important for a small business and can expand your reach to the relevant customers. An easy to navigate and well-made website with a search engine optimisation strategies is the best way to get your more business for your company.

What makes us the right company for you to work with?

When you bring an Australian web design company on board, be it for e-commerce website design or wordpress web design, we bring with us unmatched knowledge and expertise.

Local knowledge and an experienced team

Our local content writers know the kind of website content that needs to be created to target the relevant group. When you get us onboard, you get access to years of experience in that field. We bring with us not only highly experienced web designers but also SEO consultants, local content writers, and the full team needed to build an amazing website.

Improved user navigation & interface

The usability of a website is something that determines how intuitive the user interface will be. When you focus on improving your website navigation, you automatically improve your user interface and keep your users happy. This is our forte. We know what makes an e-commerce or business website stand out in the online marketplace, which is why we create the kind of website that effectively meets the specific business needs.

Additional features to take your business forward

Every business is different and has its requirements. We assess our client’s current landscape, industry, competition, work culture, customer preferences, etc when we design their website. A simple example would be how a bakery would require a different kind of website compared to an accounting firm’s website. It is easier for us to tailor-make your website and add features that would take your business forward.

Your end goal is our end goal

We understand your budget, your end goal, and what you plan to achieve through this website – is it just informational, is it to generate leads, is it to get customers to raise an inquiry. Based on these inputs from you and our years of experience we devise a web design strategy that is best suited for your business.

With years of experience across industries, we suggest website and digital strategies that you may have gone unnoticed. An effective website helps in better marketing your brand that eventually leads to the growth and development of your business. Not only do we set up a website, but we also work at improving your online presence by ensuring you are ranking well on various search engines and are found by your target customers.

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Success stories

matt curran
matt curran
I have had the pleasure of working with SME DIGITAL for about 12 months now. Avani and Amish have gone above and beyond to help with my business needs. Amish has worked tirelessly to get our business to rank higher on google, Avani re did our old clunky website which looks amazing. Excellent service thank you SME Digital
Inner West Electrical Solutions
Inner West Electrical Solutions
Highly recommend! Have been extremely helpful.
Alex Bedders
Alex Bedders
SME are the best in the business. Very good at what they do as well as honest and transparent.
Maja Paleka
Maja Paleka
Getting my business website done was the second time I have worked with Avani and her team, and we have a 3rd already in planning. SME digital are incredibly flexible, customer centric, and just do great quality work. What I especially value is the expertise they bring to the table - I had some ideas on how I wanted to have things done and if those ideas would not bring me the right outcome for my business, Avani talked me through the options and possible other alternatives. This ensured that not only did I get what I wanted, but it was done in a way that benefited my website, business and SEO. True partnership is really how I would describe the experience of working with SME Digital.
Sara Lonergan
Sara Lonergan
SME digital are a professional, honest and talented group of IT professionals. I enjoy working with them and wouldn't hesitate to recommend their business to like minded business owners looking for SEO/website services.
Sarai Yates
Sarai Yates
I am a perfectionist and work at a very fast pace so I was a bit worried that getting someone to build my website would be a difficult process. But Avani and her team just rolled with me and my pickiness, I ended up having a really good time throughout the whole process and truly enjoyed our daily chats and endless emails to get things right and eventually launch my absolute dream website. Avani was incredibly responsive at all hours of the day, and literally made everything that I asked for happen. I could not recommend her more and am looking forward to keep working with her. Thank you Avani!!
Robyn Walker
Robyn Walker
Avani and Amish have been excellent every step of the way...from our initial meeting through to the end result...where they've so creatively showcased my professional accomplishments to-date. Avani has been incredibly patient and supportive throughout this journey, and I'm now looking forward to the SEO results, over the next few months, with Amish's input and expertise.
Barbara Clendining
Barbara Clendining
Excellent, can't recommend enough. No item is too big or small, a genuine business that cares about your business & will be empathetic with your needs & provide strategic feedback & deliver results (our web traffic has already soared with their new design of our website).
Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart
SME Digital totally transformed my website from being very basic to now a platform I am proud to show my clients. Amish and Avani have been amazing throughout the whole process. Couldn’t be happier with the service I have received. I would highly recommend SME Digital to anyone. Cheers, Climate Care Air Conditioning Services.
Matthew Blaxland
Matthew Blaxland
Amish and Avani have designed and set up my website. I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result, they are easy to work with and very professional. I would highly recommend them

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