Your website is your first impression and needs to add value to your business.


Is your website generating enough business?

Or is it just a couple of pages of pretty pictures and not very useful content?

If you said yes, then what you need is a website redesign and you have come to the right place for it.

A few simple benefits that renovating a website will ensure:

Mobile friendly website ensuring a great user experience

It’s been recently found that Google actually penalises websites that do not have proper rendering for mobile devices. By ensuring your website is mobile responsive, you will increase your visibility in the search results. The theory is further cemented by the fact that 53 percent of web traffic worldwide came from mobile users in 2019

Reducing your website bounce rate

One of the biggest reasons for high bounce rates can be small design related flaws that need to be corrected. While renovating your website, we will analyse the site to ensure that flaws are found and corrected, ultimately helping you keep customers on the site for longer and ensuring higher conversion rates. 

Landing pages and much more…

With new softwares, we have more options to convert clients landing on your website and to get data to advertise to them. We can create landing pages, pop ups for subscriptions and other features to ensure you get client data to help you further understand your clientele. 

SME Digital is geared to help businesses transform their non-performing websites to ones that will grow market share and generate revenue.

To begin with, we will audit your website and identify the problems. 

We will then discuss your needs and make recommendations on how we could improve the site and let you know what that will entail.

If you wish to proceed to the next stage, we will then get around to reviving your existing website or building a new website that will impress your customers. 


We will improve the user experience, make the site responsive and mobile friendly.

We will produce content that is of value to your customers and further increase traffic by researching and generating keywords, ensuring content is search engine optimised, and establishing backlinks.

All this will generate more leads and more revenue for you.

What is more is that we offer reasonable rates tailored to your needs and we deliver what we promise.

We will stay in regular touch with you and teach you the basics within the website so that minor changes can be done in-house.

In addition, we will help you with any future needs you have for ongoing management and changes to the websites.

Book a free strategy session to go over your current website