Best Website for Tradies

Best Website for Tradies

Since the start of Covid the searches for local trades via the internet has gone up by 36% which means more and more customers are now looking for trades using search terms as Locksmith Near me, Emergency Locksmith Sydney, Best Plumber near me etc etc . The use of local magazines has declined drastically and […]

Does Website Design Affect SEO?

Website Development Company

Website owners always ask themselves this question: Does Website Design Affect SEO? The straight answer is Yes. Your website is a crucial part of Google’s ranking factors. And Google won’t want to rank something that is not easy for their end-users to navigate through. Plus, 75% of website credibility comes from design, so web design […]

5 quick tips for a great website

5 tips for a great web design

Are you looking for web design tips that are engaging and interesting for your customers? Look no further! In this post, we’ll explore five ways to get your customers excited about your website. 1. Use eye-catching visuals. One of the best ways to engage your customers is to use visually appealing graphics on your website. […]

My ugly-looking website ranks. Do I really need a good-looking website?

I remember the first time I built a website for my first client. I was so excited because I thought it would help bring in more customers and improve their rank on Google Search. To be honest, when I designed it, the website didn’t look very good. But as long as it ranked well, that […]